About autenticacosmeticamarroqui

This web Cosmetics Moroccan - "Authentic" is always the Moroccan cosmetics, founded and directed by Romero Paquita since 2009.

Authentic Moroccan cosmetics is a professional company, lover of cosmetics, we reviewed all our products thoroughly and see the results for checking the quality and effectiveness of our product range, straight from Morocco and Lebanon, with guarantee certificates of the best laboratories.

The idea of ​​sharing our experiences cosméticamarroquí born and after searching the best products and tratamietos for sensitive or psoriasis both brands prestiguio fur as known, both as herbal pharmacy where the current market today offers us solutions that ensure results that range of specific skin producos born Moroccan Cosmetics - "True", a young, reliable, committed and formal.

Our policy is to have a personal relationship with our clients to asesorales and always recommend the best for your problem or need. The Moroccan Cosmetics - "Authentic" does not copy other pages, have personality and independent judgment when choosing products to improve our beloved customers.

Argan oil is the quintessential flagship product, the liquid gold of Morocco. It is a medicinal, healing, antioxidant, anti-aging oil, removes stains, finally brought an exquisite elixir of co-operatives of Agadir and we have it in our power to benefit from all its exquisite properties. Argan oil also, we have an incredible variety of products: Moroccan clay "gashoul" black soap scrub beldi, natural argan creams, roses, cactus, nigella, shea ... and endless product quality purest .

The strength of Moroccan Cosmetics - "Authentic" is advice and solve problems for our clients. Therefore our motto is "TELL YOUR EVENT and we then WE GIVE THE SOLUTION".